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A Tesla carriage was attacked. Look at the video

Uas a result of attempting to steal the Tesla 3 Model the tenant was arrested, identified as a result of a new method of filming the car itself. The incident happened in San Francisco, SA, with the model motif named Jed Franklin.

ABC 7 News says that Franklin got the chance of a robbery call, and then downloaded the images and sent him to the police. As you can see in the video above, the tenant was properly identified, noting that he divided one of Mod 3's rear windows.

And [uma situação] strange I was angry that the car was stolen but, on the other hand, I was also a god, I don't think this is registered; "Franklin said.

The success of bringing the tenant back as a result of the new Sentinel Mod was introduced in one of the most recent updates to Tesla. Note that there was another recent video which was surrounded by images which showed the car had been scratched down.

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