Agatha quietly breaks the sons' lawsuit for rape – "My son is going through a very tough …"

Marco de Sousa Caneira, 38, the eldest son of the Átata singer, who opposed the Ministry of Publicity apparently had a 14-year-old daughter in 2016 at the end of a party that had been born; You enjoy in the parish of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, in Povoação.

After several months of tranquility, Agate to decide to & # 39; talk now to the subject and its # leaving the protection of his son. "It's painful, but nothing that can not be resolved," begins with telling Agatha to Manuel Luís Goucha, in an interview on Você na TV.

"I know my son well and I know his son who teaches me. He is a very certainty, very conscientious, very supportive, very friendly to his friend," the singer's division, without trying to stay on the # 39; subject.

"They have opened their lives in a terrible way"

Agatha says that the son is paying for her son. "If he was not a son of Agatha, they might not remember him. It was not possible, they revealed his life in a terrible way, and this for me …" he stopped.

The singer agrees that he has been a very tough time. "It was my war because he always gave them those who came in to build a picture, to speak. He is very polite, very kind, very much donated and was very bad big here, "he said.

"I really believe in my son, I know what he does and what he can not do. We would have the right to respond, he appealed. His son is going to be very difficult and trying to commit a crime that he did not do, "he is coming to an end.

Text: WN Writing, Digital Content; Images: Impal Archive

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