Apple is looking to find a young man's money prize FaceTime

Apple is looking to find a young man's money prize FaceTime

The young man Grant Thompson, a resident of Arizona, the United States, was the one who found the tumor that influenced the calling of FaceTime groups and Apple will reward him.

NoThe face of FaceTime was released at the end of January. The 14-year-old man found this defeat when he made a FaceTime group with friends to talk about strategies about the Fortnite popular game. The failure meant that the microphone or camera could be implemented even though the recipient refused.

At that time, Greg's young mother sent a number of emails to Apple, without any response.

Now it is credited with a financial prize of unwanted value, but and recognized that the program can benefit those who found a bad problem in iOS up to 200,000 dollars (about 176 thousand Euros).

At the same time, the FaceTime group has called back to iPhone, iPad and iOS 12.1.4 and MacBook to 10.14.3 by MacOS Mojave, after they have been closed for a few days.

Vulnerability that allows to steal a password in a macOS without resolvingo.

The prizes program for Apple Pesticide or Common Proof Fever is just legitimate for the iOS handheld operating system.

A Germanic looking who specializes in a & # 39; Insider Linus, called Linus Henze, is a security-related security password for a macOS operating system that does not show more information in an effort to put Apple on pressure to This system will be included in the oral language prize program.

An article written by Nuno Rocha

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