Apple wants the end of the installation of Iphones of applications that look at the user – The world

The Terms of Use of the App Store, Apple's online offer, "want the applications to ask users' permission and to tell them clearly and visually when they record, & # 39 ; uploading or preserving, in one form or in one way, the user activity, "said Apple, which is said by the online journal that specializes in the technologies.

If its Software authors do not stop these uses or not warn users, their applications will be withdrawn from the App Store, they added to the iPhone maker who will Regularly working as a personal data protection carer and his / her; criticize the customs of other companies, such as Facebook.

With AFP, Apple did not answer.

According to TechCrunch, some applications are recorded on the client activity activity. This magazine provides examples from an Expedia travel company or a Hollister clothing chain, which does not request any authority from its service users.

"Even though sensitive data is shaken, some of them, such as passport numbers or bank cards, were released," TechCrunch said.

In concrete terms, apps use a computing code created by a company called Glassbox, which is a. Accept the user's activity to use the application.

Last week, Apple has faced Facebook, after the company has appeared on the recognized social network to pay people to use a professional application that will, reviewing consumer activity, including young teenagers.

Facebook responded that it did not hide anything from the users who were missing; took part, but Apple thought that this was to break the agreement, because this use, which could be used on the iPhone, should only be on Facebook.

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