Bitcoin Survey [BTC/USD] 02-27 / 2019

Merchandise Hello! Another week with a strong draw on Bitcoin, what do you do now? Will we have another week? Check it out:

In a daily record as we saw Bitcoin's; continues to be reinforced, with bases up but with a topside, that is the best thing at that time for those who work on movements to stay outside, dangerous market, as long as we do not & # 39; break some help or solution, it's best to & # 39; stay out, if you're just working as a market in movement:

Daily Graph (D)

At times like this, the best way to adopt other ways that can survive this way, for example, can work in the areas of attack and support, when it arrives at & # 39 ; market in these areas, there is a large screen that shows that they are loss of price, hereby we can try to work in those areas against their move, and # 39; Seeking shorter jobs aimed at capturing the peal:

Daily Graph (D)

We should not see large price changes next week, for more information, look at the video of the technical study:

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