Breaking the German "rough blow" for Madeira

The waking up of them was for those who control Madeira. Everything as a result of a breakdown of German ferry airline Germania Airlines and destroying all tourism, news we came up at 8m in. our mining tourism.

The company fled to Madeira and Porto Santo. reaching six routes from Germany: Friedrichshafen, Dresden, Munich, Hamburg, Bremen and ErfurtH. Today he went to Madeira from Dresden, Nuremberg, Hamburg and Dresden. The four airplanes are closed.

"Madeira is a harsh blow. It's just known that all sales are banned and today's tickets are not held. But it's not a conversation right now. make our own number more in meetings to see what we can do, "DAILY allows a local agent to be very urgent with his / her; outcome announced today.

Another local operator is also disturbing him, although he admits that it is different from those who say that everything is right at the destination, from December the most worst because he did not employees received salary company.

The DAILY attempts to get out of the Madeira Promotion Society that has a consequence of a breach of its & # 39; destination, but a group says that it is preparing a response for later because it is currently aiming to have a # 39; creating all the problems.

In terms of passengers who block flight work, Germania Airlines has accepted that those who have moved the aircraft may be part of a holiday vacancies to inform the tour operator for transport organizer. However, "unfortunately, travelers who have gone directly with Germania, do not have the right to replace their transport".

The Department suffered a further impact on the German market, which dropped by 10.9% in November 2018. In 2017, German residents created more than 1.8 million during voluntary nights in Madeira , which accounts for 24.6% of the total (2% greater than 2016)

Germany's German airline was over 30 years of history and was transported around four million passengers per annum. He was running 37 Airbus A320 Airbus and Boeing 737-700 aircraft and would be flows flights to travel agencies that take tourists from European cities, in particular A & # 39; Germany. One of the largest TUI's largest producers, is the world's biggest tour operator.

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