Carriers warn of life after stroke

National Stroke Day is 31 March

Portugal AVC – Union of Surgeons, Bequests and Friends tells of the current situation where survivors of a Traveling Vital Storm (CVA) live, even after admission to hospital. National Stroke Day is planned for 31 March.

According to António Conceição, the president of the association, "it is essential to change this parameter without disruption after the stroke. Continuity and quality of rehabilitation should not be seen as a direct cost to the National Health Service, but t as a result with a result. "

He said: "It is something that can make a difference between being a citizen and being actively involved, or more responsible for Social Security, with increasing health problems, increased state costs, and the wider community. and a lower quality of life. "

The Stroke, with around 25,000 events a year, is the main cause of death, but also the first reason for Portugal's disability, reaching all ages. Multiple sequences may include the physical and motor bodies (more visible), but also the effects in communication ability, in the intellectual, mental, visual sphere, amongst others.

“It is essential that rehabilitation is done, on the one hand, fast, time and without too much time and, on the other, all to be multidisciplinary, so that it needs to be avoided. interpreting a number of medical and medicinal specialists, like all cases, "said António Conceição.

This union members also want to raise awareness of the problem of obtaining support products, which are often revival support and instruments that are able to improve the quality of life. “It is difficult to follow the order to follow a complex bureaucratic process, subject to a limited budget, and, at best, after only months being satisfied, delaying an automatic move to Often, often. Using a comparison, I would say that the rehabilitative use, or all these support materials, would be straightforward, or supportive diagnostic tools, everything would be a lot easier, shortly after the order ". the president of the society's president.

The AVC Portfolio will hold a meeting on 13 April in Lisbon to discuss the issue of overcoming the stroke. The initiative is aimed at survivors of stroke, family members, care carers, health professionals and other stakeholders. The program is available at:

The Portugal AVC – Women's Union of Friends, Friends and Friends aims to promote targeted initiatives on the one hand, contribute to the prevention of the Grounds of Disaster Disaster and its consequences, to disease and death. T In order to reduce this, and on the other hand, increase the response to the needs required by stroke, family members and carers.

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