Cristina Ferreira will see the TVI program in honor of José Luis Gonçalves

RTavares enjoyed everyone who was on July 28, 2013 behind the general view of the general exhibition & # 39; Dance with the Stars & The fado singer went to a course to form a respect to the yesterday's gaze, the Sabbath, the bullman José Luis Gonçalves, who fell from stairs through that test and was in a bad state.

Conciting suggestion that Cristina Ferreira was not uncertain. The presenter, who was the director, at that time, contained in InstaStories a picture where she wrote the word "homage" only, and then with emoji of heart.

Although it is clear, the reporter's message seems to be easy to explain for the fado singer. "Tapadh leat, Cristina, we just know", Rachel wrote when he was the new word publishing department of the SIC.

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