'Don't miss this rabbit' – Television

Inês Castel-Branco is on display at the Centro Cultural of Cascais. Of course, only a SIC actor but a major photo artist is open but it's no picture. In the open table, it appears in black and white, with a camera and a bottom tail.

The attractive situation attracted the attention of the actress in his Instagram account. She used the event to advertise the same activity. "I will not lose the fascinating display of Studio Miguel Ângelo at Cascais Cultural Center," wrote Paço de Arcos's face in the hashtag: "when I had a little rabbit."

It is not known if the publication already has more visitors to Cascais Cultural Center but one thing is certain: friends and colleagues are aware of it. Jessica Athayde, who is preparing to become a mother, said, "It's not a loss of this rabbit!". But Sara Matos was worse off but she didn't quite be surprised by the powerful painting: "Hey there!" She wrote in the publication.

Followers Inês Castel-Branco haven't been uncomfortable, leaving many messages of wonder and permission.

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