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DragonEx is broken and has stolen customer values

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DragonEx is broken and has stolen customer values

Dragon Ex, the 32-largest currency exchange according to CoinMarketCap, on the official Telegram Exchange channel said its systems were split and broken on 24 March. The campaign said that "a stable and stable platform for conversations from Bitcoin and Ethereum" suffered a financial loss in the attack.

The team behind the exchange said: t

“A number of judicial systems have been informed about this internet crime, including Estonia, Singapore, Hong Kong and others. We are assisting the police to conduct the inquiries. All platform services will be closed. The conditions for chronic rehabilitation are announced in a week. In terms of the injuries caused to our customers, DragonEx will be subject to any charges. "

Digital resources stolen by haymen include Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), XRP, Litecoin (LTC), EOS and tinted Tether (USDT).

Joanne Long, administrator of the DragonEx official Telegram channel, said the exchange team were able to find out where the funds taken out of the boot house had been put. Some of these places are other regulated rules and have been agreed with KYC standards, such as Bittrex.

In a career based on the channel, Joanne Long will be seeking help from other exchanges to freeze funds discovered as a stolen from DragonEx. According to the tradition, the sums transferred to Huobi and have already been blocked.

Source: Telegram

With this information and with the help of other exchanges, there is a great opportunity for some of the values ​​to be recovered. However, it is likely that travelers have saved the bulk of the money in order to continue into the future and not as much suspicion. They may now have made identifiable moves to abuse the authorities.

Even though the traveling people take the balloon to steal the assets that have been stolen to broaching companies with KYC and could withdraw their Every money is frozen, there's another problem that you have to consider. DragonEx said that, as well as customer property, it had also been stolen from the company's own values.

When it comes to returning values ​​on the theft, how do you prove that what has been recovered from clients or exchanges? Fortunately, the broking company takes full responsibility and appears to be well used to make the situation clearer for its users.

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