Footwear: 238 new releases in Portugal from 2010 – Economy

"Focus on branding itself is a priority set out in the" FOOTURE 2020 Strategic Plan ", and Flag of the Basketball, Component, Leather Products and Advocates (APICCAPS), definition and interpretation of the Portuguese Association, despite the benefit of a profile of Portuguese shoes, is the truth of the cluster & # 39; In this case is still very different. "

They concluded the skills used to build the constituent image of the department, the company recognizes that entrepreneurs need "help" in the development of image campaigns and personal communication plans, as well as to & # 39; the recruitment of communications agencies, and # 39; participating in overseas exhibition rooms and improving the interior image, "which are essential for the buyers who visit them."

"In some cases, creating motto itself is the destination of those activities," reading FOOTURE 2020.

In this context, APICCAPS is a & # 39; indicates that more than 60 companies in the football department have been supporting "valuation of the offer", a project that was inspired by its " society with support from the Compete 2020 program.

As well as internationalization support, in particular participating in international shows and exhibitions and the promotional & Mobile promotional campaigns, & ##; have been designed by European shoe companies from the beginning of 2015 from & Support to & # 39; Promote their own and, more recent, recent releases, to make digital marketing campaigns.

It is anticipated that this support will be in a number of areas, from the company's strategic surveys or communications plans to its advertising gateway, communication consultants' contractors in different markets (Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy and the USA) or catalogs (including design, graphic editing and catalog publishing of company collections of the department, which can used in their communication with their clients, especially in support for participation in international shows).

Support is also extended to the design and registration of trade marks and patents, as well as creating and generating. creating image and multimedia content "is considered necessary for promotion near both public and final consumer users", a society.

This is a case, for example, to be & # 39; recruitment of photographs, styles, makers, creative artists, professional mannequins, video equipment, among others, capable of creating multimedia content "which is very popular and easy to use in different media to use the logo "

In the digital environment, as well as support for the implementation of digital marketing initiatives, there is an increase in the relevant inventories in creating & site; or online stores.

Not only this year, according to APICCAPS, which is to be invested two million euros in the field of this gateway on messages.

Out of the 238 new releases created since 2010 in the football section, information from the Business Property Assistance Office (the structure of a Business Settlement Center created in a partnership led by the National Institute of Business Ownership for the promotion of business ownership in companies of the series) to show that it was & # 39; Most (178) were registered as a Community and 60 were registered only in Portugal.

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