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Ariana Grande published a new album ("Thank U, Next") on Friday, February 8, but it was discovered that it was the case; She has had a Grammy producer for "lying" about her decision not to play at the most important night of music. Last minute dispute in a service that brings America's political and social issues to the show.

Shortly before responding to "Thank U, Next", Ariana Grande responded to producer Ken Ehrilich's representative that the artist "thought it was late" to prepare for a Sunday event, the Grammy Awards ceremony.

"I kept silent but now it's lying about it," wrote the artist on Twitter along with a picture of the Associated Press article with the Errilich statements.

"I can prepare an exhibition overnight, and you know, Ken. Not only when I hampered my creativity and could express my own mistakes that I decided not to be present. " "I hope the show just what you wanted to be and more.", Write the artist.

The 26-year-old, Grande, said he was "offering three songs" before deciding to retire the interest. "It's about co-operation, and feeling that support, art and honesty, not politics, can make favors or play games," he said. "It's just a game … and I'm sorry, that's not music for me."

There are symbols of the singer who likes people; appearing on Los Angeles restaurants that promote Grammys, which will taking place on Sundays at 5:00 p.m.

Even without acting, Grande is named in two types of pop music: the "Sweetener" is a candidate for the best prize for the best music playlist, and "God is a Woman" compete for the best show.

Grammy: an area governed by political and social issues during the Trump period

Grammys has been producing music videos since 1984, and, MTV's showcase, and thanks to beginners such as Michael Jackson and Madonna who have turned on the ability of this format. In the preparation of this year, the "best video" has been marked for the five videos that have the choice of organizers of the service have social and political characteristics.

"It's a Trump year, it's a dissatisfied need to say," said Carol Vernallis. specializing in music at Stanford University. "I think black artists in the United States want to face the front lines," he says. follow.

Lean Childish Gambino, the second ego of music from the talented comedian, screenwriter and director of Donald Glover ("Atlanta"), on the internet in the spring of his famous songs, "This Is America."

In his video, he's a # 39; opposing military and racist sovereignty in the country with an image of the lives of many black Americans, among bloody rays and slavery memories in the gospel context of the gospel.

Today, Beyoncé and Jay-Z gave up the speech when they were using the Louvre Museum in Paris as the situation for his / her. archbishop and full of "APESHIT". In the video, the two will using the Classic World's classic work to create a modern and black style.

On the other hand, Janelle Monae, who reviews new graphical paths in her; "Pynk" napkin, electropop odo bilaterally. The singer is surrounded by young women, with widespread pants that are similar to vulvas.

Mar Childish Gambino, the video of Joyner Lucas "Not Racist", spoke millions of spectators on the internet with a rap and powerful rap in the United States divided. A video is a & # 39; Starting with a white beard and red cap of "Make a Great America Again" as a symbol of President Donald Trump's supporters looking at a race slogan. But "It's not a rockstone," said the man; protect yourself. "My sweetheart is my black sister." Negro Young responds: "It's hard to make progress when this country is run by whites / which is being criticized by the color of my skin."

In "Mumbo Jumbo", the Tierra Whack rapper will create an unusual and unusual fantasy world and disturbed, a record of a five-minute single-track, called "Whack World," part of a fantastic project and also a hip hop record

With the potential effects of hundreds of millions of copywrits, it is becoming more important than ever; Ever for a music industry, a & # 39; provides artists with an opportunity to provide a better message, says Robert Thomson, who is a television tutor and a popular culture at the University of Syracuse,

"A video video and definition of a visual identity of a song, I can not think about this Is America with another video, it provides a completely different genre, "he says.

For Carol Vernallis, it is desirable to establish the "conversation" video between music and image: "It is the richness of the song and its extensive expansion, and it's great for addressing specific problems. "

This is particularly important for social issues, says Robert Thomson. "Everywhere we see political messengers expressed by black musicians, and it's in this category of Gramas that they like to do with them; They really like, "a & # 39; notify the researcher.

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