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In 2018, a measurable vaccine was below a target in 49% of cities

Initial data released last year (14) with the Ministry of Health indicates that 2,550 (49%) of the 5,570 Brazil in Brazil did not meet; equivalent to 95% or higher. The data is even more worrying in the states that say how the disease started – in Pará, 83.3% of the towns did not meet the target; In Roraima, the index is 73.3% and, in Amazonas, 50%.

Trademark issued by the Ministry, and Coverage of vaccine low and the need to expand vaccine against the diseases that were previously abolished or eliminated, but returned to be circulated in the country, brought the Minister of Health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, a new agreement recommended on a vaccine. The application was made this Thursday at a meeting of the Tripartite Inter-Agency Committee, which has representatives from state and city health secretaries, as well as the federal government.

"We need to reconsider the vaccination agreement in this country. The extent of a dangerous vaccine is low. Some states say it's great, but long and not everyone says There are high levels of immunization, the open pathways to virus spread, "Mandetta warned during the meeting.


The latest data from the Ministry of Health is on measles from January 28th and its next year. Count on information provided by state health plans. At present, three say that the distribution will be spread; virus currently: Amazon, with 9803 certified issues; Roraima, with 355; and Pará, with 62.

From February 2018 to January 21st this year, 10,302 cases of disease were reinforced in Brazil. Fifty cases remain in the Roraima, Amazonas and Pará states, and 33 of the states are reporting in January and early February this year.

"The states and towns explore the issues and wait for the results of the discharge tests to better understand the position of 2019," said his ministry.


During the meeting with representatives from state and city health secretaries, Mandetta expressed concern about the ability to complete a completion certificate. measles brought to Brazil by the Pan American Health Organization in 2016.

"With the low level of vaccine and rehabilitation of a crusher in Brazil, there is a risk of losing a free range of the disease. If Brazil loses, Americans are losing. If America loses, no one can reach or leave the continent without a vaccination test. It has a huge impact on every business environment, for every tourist situation, which means, in a global world, restrictions with sanitation, "he said.


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