IRS 2018 – The IRS delivered you on a smart email

IRS delivery will start today and the money can be recovered within 11 days. For this, it is important that you submit the report as soon as possible and without mistakes.

As well as the financial door, you can also enter your IRS through your smartphone. Know what you need to do.

Its name is IRS 2018 and it is an official application from the Tax Authority for IRS delivery by means of a smartphone. With this application you can easily enter your IRS tax account for 2018 as long as you are covered by the IRS Automatic.

Once your statement is delivered, you may also use this application to access confirmation or confirmation.

IRS 2018 - The IRS delivered you on a smart email

After logging in with the same certificates as the Finance Post, users can check that their income is as good as the costs … all on the phone; smart & # 39; shape.

Before you select the delivery option, you can always create the PDF of temporary statements to provide more information about the statement you are going to deliver.

IRS 2018 - The IRS delivered you on a smart email

You can also, through this app, register your IRS and remove you from VAT according to the requirement of your invoice. To do this, just select the species you have been planting. If the result of a settlement is a refund, you must confirm or vary your IBAN and submit the Automatic IRS statement to the TA.

Remember that the delivery of the IRS begins today (April 1) and, for the first time, it will be extended until 30 June.

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