Jerónimo Martins proposes a departmental cut for almost an exports

Jerónimo Martins proposes to distribute a total share of 0.325 euros per department, Wednesday said. The company was led by Pedro Soares dos Santos in a statement sent to the Priority Market Commission (CMVM).
This proposal represents a substantial cut compared to last year's wages, when paid for; A company that governs Pingo Doce both with 0.613 euros. In 2017 he had paid € 0605. The proposal for shares for this year is the lowest rate since 2016, when it paid 0.265 euros for the year 2015. However, in November 2015, its shareholding dividend group of € 0.375 paid. The compensation for the 2018 financial year is the lowest level from the 2014 financial year (in May 2015 Jerónimo Martins dividart of 0.245 euros).
Last year, Jerónimo Martins chose to return to shareholders all profits made in 2017, for a total value of 385.2 million euros.

Despite the 100% remuneration, Jerónimo Martins was recited at the time "its departmental policy, depending on the apportionment that is distributed at a value of between 40 and 50% of the total income assembled "

In this way, the suggestion of this year corresponds to the one defined by the management of its " company in relation to its departmental policy.

The proposal to be displayed at the general shareholders' meeting, which was scheduled for 11 April, responding to distributing 204.2 million euros in the divisions and representing a payment of just over 50% and a section output of 2.46%.

"The divisional distribution proposal proposes to expand its flexibility to accelerate its expansion plans and to exploit any non-organic growth opportunities, and its # 39 ; maintain a low level of net debts, "company notes.
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