José Alberto Carvalho san ospadal with strokes – Television

José Alberto Carvalho was sent to hospital privately Friday last year, day 1, after moving to Da Luz Hospital, in Oeiras, with a true body of head. Initially, pivot and Jornal were given to Eitos & # 39; TVI has a nerve deficiency that was consistent with stroke and moved to Lisbon.

The fear of José Alberto Carvalho. According to the Mass TV magazine, the journalist at the Queluz de Baixo station commented on the Da Luz Hospital in Oeiras on 1 February with poor illness. In the first diagnosis, it was confirmed that brain defect was consistent with a stroke, and for this reason The doctors agreed to take to Da Luz Hospital in Lisbon.

Product of Jornal was Eito & # 39; which then put a test battery, including MRI. In a second assessment of the state of health, the clinical team who was with him came to the conclusion that it was an attack; in a bad band who suffered him. Despite the most favorable test, José Alberto Carvalho spent hospital at night.

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