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If we are sure about this life, many people cannot stand by chocolate. For at least a day, an evening or an evening, it is more comfortable when you need it. But, many are still discussing the health benefits and its problems. With Easter coming, it is even more important to understand how this enjoyment can affect your food and how to achieve in the exercises. We have three nutritionists to help you find the best way to eat chocolate!

Photo: Brebca / Fotolia

Photo: Brebca / Fotolia

“Material that is made from the processing of cocoa beans is a chocolate product. Today it is thought to be one of the main sources of polyphannols (antioxidant material), "said the animal. T Flavia Donato Chala Terciano, a & # 39; Nutritionalism at the University of UNIVERITAS / UNG. The expert continues to say that food remains an important source of heart health and cardiovascular health. "A chocolate is full of flavonoids, which is used in cardioprotective action," he said.

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The runner can also rest! The nutrient Maressa Santos says, as well as flavonoids and polyphenols, that chocolate contains antioxidants and caffeine – the stimulation of metabolism. “Runners can have the benefit of having these companions, enjoying sports performance, with accurate food spending, within a proper food plan for the sport," it examines. any other food, which may be affected by too much consumption.

How to apply for a diet. At all times the jacket develops in a way. "By getting the amino amppthan acid – the sermononin saxifrage, the hormone goodness – if thrown in training, it can bring more joy to the athlete," said the Adriana Magalhães. , Ana Carolina Sumam clinic. The Maressa expert also tells how chocolate is a source of carbohydrate. Already in the work, the benefits also exist. “Having run, he helps get the muscle glycogen back and his antioxidants help fight the cheap radicals which we provide in the body," he says. says.

What did you eat each day. Not very good at all. The nutritionist Adriana says that it is important to be careful even with the advantages of chocolate. “The amount depends on how much the person spends each day, but usually it takes between 25g and 30g of bitter chocolate a day.

Which type of chocolate is best? There are lots of options on the shelves to tell you which one to choose! All the animals agree the higher the percentage of cocoa, the better. "Your choice can always be at least 70% of an installation," said Flavia. The nutritionist Adriana says that it is interesting to understand the purpose of each person when putting the chocolate in. “If someone wants to reduce the calories by eating sugar, it is recommended that it is more bitter or more thick, for example,” he says.
According to Maressa, white chocolate is made mostly in cocoa butter, milk and sugar, as well as the kind of highest saturated fat. Milk milk is a high-caliber food. It is necessary to understand each person's limitations. "Everything depends on the quality and frequency of wear," he says.

Easter Eggs which are made at home. With Easter coming, many people are making eggs with bands to compete with business chocolate. Just thinking about them, it makes mouth! But it is important to raise some of the questions before you buy them. "If possible, you should know where the eggs are prepared, whether it is hygienic in preparation – the handle-machine and in the storage of results – and raw materials used, " t 'Maressa warns'. She also says that because some more nicer nets are there, the life of a shelf is shorter. "Tilgeil eile: keep in our eye after opening," he gives advice. the animator Adriana also talks about the importance of having an ingredient in place of the ingredient in order to find out who would use the egg.

Sugar lines. Another combination of these chocolates is pass through other components. “To get closer to the taste and texture of the old blend, they can add more fat and no artificial confectionery,” says Maressa. The animal says that it is important to look after the leaflets as they arrive. T and seeing fewer components.

Athletes and athletes can enjoy delight and eat chocolate! When they change regularly, this food might be your friend for food. Make sure you pick the best products and enjoy it!

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Photo: Press / Instagram

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