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Marine Authority Inspections of a Spanish shipbuilder in Figueira da Foz with a closed bar

The National Marine Authority (AMN) investigates how a Spanish sailing vessel was recorded in Figueira da Foz with his & her; bar bar, which did not respond to the different connections of the authorities, and who could be punished by a fine.

According to AMN, Port of Figueira da Foz's captain received a nightmare from Station Master Life to move a Spanish rescue boat in the Nazar area with a clear route to the port of Figueira da Foz, 39; it could be a situation in danger, since this port was closed to ship for ships under 35 meters, due to bad badness.

"Port of Figueira da Foz's captain sent to the Marine Rescue and Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) in Lisbon, reporting a dangerous situation if the vessel was determined to move to his / her; This ports, as opposed to the port of Nazaré, which was open for a sailing, Figueira da Foz was closed as a means of ensuring safety sailing, "AMN said in a statement today Lusa.

MRCC, captain captain and Marine Police of Figueira da Foz made several keys through the emergency channel for their sailing ship, but they did not receive any response.

MRCC Lisboa then contacted MRCC Madrid, calling for the telephone call of the vessel with a Spanish registration.

"With the Costa Segura system, it was confirmed that the boat was indicative of the intention of entering the port at Figueira da Foz, until the captain of Porto implemented a boat from the Feeding Station of Figueira da Foz, to try to remove the vessel or to provide direct support, depending on the distance from the piers at the port of Figueira da Foz, "he says.

The AMN indicates that it does not; He received any response in the emergency channel, or on the phone, so Port of Figueira da Foz's captain said to him; Lifeboat considered the position of his bar and, after he came to a certain extent, returned, authorized the way into the sailing boat in that port with help with the this time.

Ron 23:49 [de quarta-feira], the vessel flew at the Figueira da Foz port with the battles. Due to the fact that it went into the bar when it closed to vessels less than 35 meters long, after a bad situation, a captain ( master) the ship has been & # 39; breach of the law, an offense that can be circulated with a fine between 2,200 and 3,700 euros, "the document is added.

The AMN explains that a & # 39; The process is decided, if the skipper wants to leave Port Figueira da Foz port, he must give a bank guarantee of 2,200 for the State.

Left to a sailing boat in Cascais on January 22, to port port of Vigo, Spain.

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