Marvel Captain – Blank Tomatoes have been denied to make an agreement with Disney to protect the movie!

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Le Lucas Rafael → Followers have begun to film to & # 39; Captain Marvel on the site of judicial co-ordination Bare tomatoes even before the feature was released. The campaign was made by a procurators unhappy with the situation of her actress Brie Larson on inclusive policies in the cinema. To stop hatred, the Bare tomatoes on the removable device as a thermometer to remove public expectations.

This created an online game, with fans saying that the platform took the measure to protect Captain Marvel and many of them opposed co-operation with DisneyNext Post, president Fandango a company that owns Rotten owners, Paul Yanover, he explained that the change is already a team Rotten planned over time:

"The changes are not a simple answer, and no, someone is making sound around (some films) & # 39 ;.

Second still Yanover, the changes will try to be a kind of "sweeping sound"According to major projects such as Star Wars and Captain Marvel, which is, as they like, to & # 39; attract more trolls usual. This is a strategy that has been dragging for a time from the website team.

The allegations of agreement with the case Disney, Yanover is simple:

"There is nothing on the site with Disney. Some of our shared and unconnected agreement is completely wrong."

When you remove the device that allows you to evaluate film expectations before being released, Yanover It appears that this is an improvement for site readers:

"Unfortunately, we have seen an increase in insightful, sometimes challenging ideas, and we believe that we support broaders in general . We decided that turning this feature into the best way is now. […] When the film is available, critics can write. We do not want people to; use this as a political platform."

The site owner said they will be more and more responsive to the platform:

"This is not the end, this is the first. We know that Tomato Rotten is very clear, and we are committed to being a better service."

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Captain Marvel debuts in the theater day March 7, 2019South Westerly

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