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Nature is the best remedy

Maintaining physical and mental health is not only dependent on medicines. Setting up a procedure that promotes healthy habits every day is vital to prevent diseases. In this sense, the use of activities in green spaces and natural communication are increasingly determined. Scientific interest is growing in this relationship and the benefits that nature can bring to health and well-being.

In one of the studies on the subject, Japanese researchers from Chiba University entrusted a group of volunteers on a trip to seven different woods, while a second group walked through town centers. People related to a nature showed a 16% drop in cortisol (the weight hormone), a 2% reduction in blood pressure and a 4% reduction in heart rate. The explanation was that our organizations tend to live in outdoor environments to explain the nature of things, which isn't happening to the cities.

Another paper, published in Australia, shows that people who visit greenspace have high levels of depression and blood pressure, and are more socially integrated. The benefits also include improving the quality of sleep, intellectual development, heart performance and protection, as well as reducing anxiety, muscle pressure and weight.

In coastal areas, access to the sea reduces breathing problems by making it easier for people to breathe. Staying outside, is in a place where the sun gets its view, works collaboratively with making vitamin D needed to work the body. The lack of this part contributes to the danger of heart problems, osteoporosis and self-depression.

From their scientific results to the benefits that nature can bring to health, the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in California have developed a pilot project that will train doctors in an outpatient clinic without bringing in health. treat their patients. The purpose of the establishment is to encourage trips to nearby parks, as a link with nature is essential for the healthy development of children.

The benefits of healthcare such as these are also evident in the economy. In Australia, for example, about $ 34.3 billion is spent each year to cover the cost of reducing social costs. In Britain, about 12.5 million working days are lost each year due to concern, depression or worry. Therefore, encouraging communication with nature can bring significant savings to public and private health budgets.

Connecting them to green spaces and areas is achievable and accessible. We can rearrange our normal approach to health. What about having 20 minutes of your day in tours, sports or reflection in relation to nature? In this way, you show your elements that really affect your brain and body.

Running in a pit, for example, increases happiness, happiness and safety than being inside. Growing plants, whether inside or inside the office, can improve memory, increase power, and even reduce pain. Surveys show that people who communicate or comment on natural areas are accelerating faster. Nature images can also help.

By staying away from the big cities, time will have been thinking or thinking about nature, eating healthily and sleeping well, getting you to feel That you've been tired, renewed and back on the way. A recent study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research found that reflection on advocacy is effective in reducing anxiety, depression and responsibility. It's a fundamental effort, that takes great results. The closer you are to nature, the better your health and quality of life.

Leide Takahashi is Biodiversity Conservation Manager of the Apothecary Foundation for Nature Protection

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