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New taxpayer numbers (NIF)

It is already from The new Tax Account Number (NIFs) begins with number 3. The nomination was made by the Tax and Customs Commission (TA) through the official port.

According to AT, 2 NIFs are still being provided.

Tax Authority: New taxpayer numbers (NIF)  t

The NIF, caused by the tax and customs commission (TA), is for natural people, national or foreign, is the number of nine numbers, the first eight being joint t continuity and the same digit control (see Articles 4 and 7). And of law no 14/2013, 28 January, which establishes the tax identification number, as well as the conditions of removal, effect and regulation). .

Tax Authority: New taxpayer numbers (NIF)  t

The NIF field 2 comes to an end …

Currently TA has been identifying NIFs of the range 2 to individual taxpayers. However, considering that the TA will commence shortly (June or July this year) to satisfy NIFs of the 3 category, this information has been published with a view to publishing this fact until the groups are in the first instance. interest in making appropriate changes in time. computer systems.

The tax identification number (NIF), a taxpayer, for example, can be recognized as an IRS or other taxation checks, or financial transactions. As noted, this number is assigned by the HM Revenue and Customs.

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