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Nexus 6P owners can receive up to $ 400 from Google and Huawei as normal

Produced in 2015, when Google was continuing to work in partnership with different producers to create the device that would be considered to be the basis for the introduction of the Android operating system, the Nexus 6P was introduced to the market and was developed in partnership with Huawei, the final device before the Pixel line was launched.

At the time, the device took attention not only for the set-up but also for problems that included bootloops and other problems on the devices bought, destroying the device. and leaving its users at hand.

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Some time later, in 2017, the Chimicles & Tikellis office implemented a public civil action against Google and Huawei, recently believing it will end with a $ $ $ 9.75 million settlement, possibly meaning up to $ 400 compensation for users who bought the machine at the time.

Subject to a decision made on what has been done in a variety of ways, people who have been given the experience of bootloop and who submitted documents about the problem can get up to $ 325, people who say that a battery use has been installed. and when they submit documents about the problem up to $ 150 and people who have learned difficulties at complex Nexus 6P and getting documents they receive up to $ 400.00 .

To be eligible for that compensation, the user must provide supporting documents, so confirming the exact position and, therefore, be entitled to the same opportunity when payments begin.

It is worth noting that this process in the United States may have meant that Brazilian users could not benefit from it.

The Huawei Nexus 6P is not yet available in Brazilian shops. Want to get information when it arrives.

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