Paraíba recorded 10 cases of brain fever in 2019, one in Cariri

According to the State of Scotland (SES), 10 cases of mental illness have been registered before the beginning of February. The disease was found in six cities in Paraiba: João Pessoa, Campina Grande, Alcantil, Alagoa Grande, Catolé do Rocha and Sousa.

Throughout 2018, 38 cases were confirmed. As early as 2017, the state 50 recorded a case of the disease.

It is a syndrome in brain fever that can be caused by infectious agents.

– Meninges are a stream that can be caused by viruses, bacteria and only fungi. Most viruses are happening. He may be present in water and food – explaining Ryanne Nunes bio-medical.

At times it starts, it's important that you have care. According to Jayza Soares nurse, it is important to avoid closed and closed places, because the disease has the potential to be viral.

– The symbols may be different in all cases, but there are women's problems, headaches, sudden fever, mental disorders and in some cases, even the appearance of the spot on her & # 39 ; ordinary body – finished it.

Genetic fever is a serious illness, and patients with cases of suspected medical attention should always be found in hospitals from the earliest symptoms.

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