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Portugal had chosen the best nurse in England

Sílvia Nunes at Promenagail won a "Nurs Nurs" award in England on Friday, Women's International Day's date. He went to the border with seven colleagues, all English. He won and that you filled, even more, with pride.

"I'm not my country and they know my work, they have won the job, whether English is or not, that's a good thing!" I like Portugal to recognize that there were people like that. "said the 34-year-old nurse, who has been living in England for five years, just returned from a galaxy that was held on a Friday night in Birmingham.

In the note accompanying the "Good Goods" award, the jury is emphasizing the features: "Silvia represents the best possible part of fostering in a home environment. It's innovative, creative, passionate and doing everything for the customers. practitioners, their families and "It gives them value and respect for people they deserve. It's a & n; trying to raise the promotion of nursing within their team and it is an excellent job model. "

The CESPU – Polytechnic Policy Co-operation and Higher University have already given the ex-student congratulations. "Again and very, very, very proud, our congratulations! CONGRATULATIONS Sílvia," wrote the institution on Facebook.

Born in Vila do Conde, Sílvia started working at the 18 year fire department. In 2009, she entered the Nursing at High School of Health (which is part of CESPU) and completed the course in 2013. It was followed for more than one year to submit a revival. She could never find work: they expressed the lack of knowledge she did not let her.

In 2014, she agreed to move to her future maternity house in Thetford, 140km from London. She started as a nursing assistant until she came to her professional charter that allowed her to work as a nurse. Six months later, she was senior manager and, after nine months, was Deputy Director of Ford Place's home in Thetford, where she met colleagues and residents. They were four years of fast inventions, with "purely mediums", "impossible", he says, in his small Portugal.

The work, always saying that it is a "team" with "bosses to the head". Stow Healthcare has five homes in England. The Ford Place was ranked highest by the regulator.

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