Problem: Planalto Mirandesa's producers of water demand water from the Douro to keep it effective – Actuality t

Duarte de Castro Alves, the producer of Prado Gatão, in the Miranda City for Douro, with an effect of 350 animals, promises that the displays are held for “the carvers' carol”.

"It's an invalid species and we have to keep it, but we need help," said the producer.

For his own sake, the creator Ezequiel Raposo remembers that the last days' water was very small and he couldn't cover a "tooth covering".

"The humble bogs that were necessary to keep the hay needed were not successful. The glens are dry and can't go to the Douro," which emphasized the cattle producer.

Curra Mirandesa sheep 6,270 have been distributed amongst 70 producers. On the other hand, Miranda's cattle herd of 5,500 animals has been yielded by 320 results as well as the indigenous species reliefs in the Nordeste Trasmontano.

“At this time of year, it should have water, the seeds are fed and the mussels feeding the livestock have insufficient grass,” said technical secretary National Association of breeders Sheep Mirandesa, Andrea Cortinhas.

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