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Registration: Mainnet 1.5 Cardano was successfully completed

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Up: Mainnet 1.5 Cardano was successfully completed

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According to a report Cardano Development team published, it was successfully launched 1.5 a 1.5 1.5 mile trial, signifying a significant step towards a declaration of interest ratios. The update also offers a series of focused flexibilities aimed at the Daedalus Cryptomannan folder.

Cardano launched the mainnet on 21 March, marking the final stage of the development of the project "Byron", with phase two Shelley already underway. The update also includes performance improvements when they distribute lists with a large number of items and wall addresses, combining features to find space enough and a new screen. look at the mass storage collection process.

The important update because it includes Ouroboros BFT, the new protocol of agreement. By being activated through a separate update, it will replace Ouroboros Classic so that Ourboros Genesis is appointed, designed for Shelley. The Genesis device is combining the benefits of Stay-Stake systems with the Assignment Assurance system.

Cardano 1.5 is a technical format, which the report states is that the update "occurs smoothly and automatically because this is an updated version of the protocol in which all parts of the current system were approved. to be amended. "

The message caused a rise of over 10% in the price of Cardano. At the time of posting, the Cardano price is approved for $ 0.058.

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