Scientists discover a dishwasher fossil of a modern plant species

Scientists have discovered fossils that they bring to a plant that was in the past; Living in Poland today has been over 200 million years ago and was contemporary for the dinosaurs, and Science Science magazine said Thursday.

The animal, defined as a four-legged creature and an elephant size, has been the only positive branch of mammals.

One of the science sciences, Grzegorz Niedzwiedzki, a paleontologist at the University of Uppsala, says that the fossils, which are referred to as "Lisowicia bojani", eliminate slavery that the dinosaurs are the only herb – a large portion of the late Triassic geological age.

According to researchers, the ecological features of the late Triassach have increased the genetics of giganticism on Earth.

In the article, scientists say that dicinodonts, large herbal creatures, lived at the same time as the sauropods, a branch of the dinosaur family that was born the dinosaur dinosaur species that was in the middle; lived on Earth during the Jurassic period, about 154 to 152 million years, and was famous for its long neck.

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