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Separated and in wartime, Daniel Souza recites and explains why he still uses the name Luciana Abreu.

Since then Luciana Abreu that was the end of the relationship with him Daniel Souza that many were written about the reasons for their separation. Serious domestic abuse finds that without Daniel talking to the subject.

When Maria's website, guide the walker and his father Amoor and Valentinand, marrying Luciana Abreu, make sure he doesn't stay silent. “In the end I will give an opinion on what is happening or in the media and media. Thank you for your understanding of this sensitive time of respect and love for our couple. Indeed, Daniel Souza Abreu », wrote for the newsroom.

When he was asked why he nicknamed his nickname; Luciana Abreu when there is a division and a request for separation, Daniel explains. "Just this is my marriage name. I speak in a short space of time and respect the truths and times. Thank you for understanding," he says, that no questions will be answered. other.

Separation information

Luciana Abreu that was the end of the marriage Daniel Souza. The singer told her that she had applied for a divorce through mail on Instagram.

“Everything in life has boundaries, starting with life itself. In love, it's the end of our respect and respect. I learned not to let them say what they are saying about me, "who began to write Luciana."

“To avoid rumors, misunderstandings, misunderstandings and smells, I understand it's appropriate to say and emphasize that I am currently releasing my marriage, and that I am sharing my legal application for separation applies. Thank you for your respect., he writes.

Luciana Abreu confirms rumors that lasted several months. The singer and Daniel Souza married in November 2017. The couple with two children, the couple Amoor and Valentine, have two daughters together, 15 months.

This is the second marriage to Luciana's Luciana that is coming to an end. The singer and actress were married for three and a half years with football player Yannick Djaló. Both the divorce / dissolution was carried out at the end of 2013. The couple, two-year-old Lyanni Viiktórya, who is seven years old, has two daughters.

Text: Ana Lúcia Sousa and WIN Newsroom – Digital Index | Images: social networks and Impala Archive

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