Sonae Capital is buying a Aqualuz to Efanor Tourism and Recreation for one euro – The Economic Journal

Sonae Capital will oversee the Aqualuz Suite Hotel Lagos hotel after completing its & # 39; company Aqualuz – Tourism and Lazer, Lda, to show a & # 39; northern group in a statement sent to CMVM. Sonae Capital said, after selling the statement of intent by Efanor Investimentos, SGPS, for EUR 1, Aqualuz – to that company Efanor. Aqualuz – Tourism and Lazer, Lda explores the Hotel "Aqualuz Suite Hotel Lagos".
In recent years, the work of the Aqualuz Suite Hotel Lagos in the Algarve "is a combination of the advanced development of the Portuguese hotels department, with improvements in its operating and financial results."

There are 30 studios in the four star unit, together with twelve ordinary places, 129 one-bedroom and four family rooms. There are also four swimming pools at the Aqualuz Suite Hotel Lagos, a spa with massage services, a restaurant and a bar, a hairdresser, among many other amenities.

So, "the integration of this work in the Sonae Capital Hospitality section will allow us to strengthen the current port with any other work in the Sun and Beach sector (to enter the work in the Troia Resort), well suited to the EBITDA level, and its network development ".

Sonae Capital, as well as operating units in Porto and Tróia, also enhances the development of a hotel research in the Algarve, which is one of the major national tourist venues, describes the third part of the total time spent in Portugal. In the first nine months of 2018, the number of people who had living in Algarve growing 6.6% to 18.3 million.

"Sonae Capital will also consolidate its network with the route into the city of Lisbon, after being elected as the hotel unit owner to be installed at Santa Apolónia Station. "

"As a result of these developments, six units work in the Sonae Capital Hospitality department, indicating that it is in Oporto and Lisbon (break-up division), as well as in Lagos and Tróia ( Sun and Beach section). Therefore, this division will enable us to address the future with a range of diverse experiences that are suited to the needs of our customers, Yes, the statement is & nbsp; to finish.

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