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Summer and carnivorous: a mixture that causes a healthy disease

Carnival and summer, a season suitable for people who want to enjoy the inn, or even the beach and the bath. Although they are unlikely to be damaged, these programs require some care to avoid infections such as wire paths (UTI). According to Bruno Azevedo Randi, who is a bacteriologist expert at 9th July Hospital, there are common diseases at this time of year due to a number of reasons, including lack of proper irrigation, urinary retention and habits sexuality.

UTI is caused mainly by bacteria and are more common in women because the trout and urethra are close to the anus, which causes a disease; start. The disease can be considered low, when it reaches the urethra and the current, or high, when the plants are attacking the habitats. The symbols include burning on urination and at & # 39; continue to go to the nursing home. The cure is usually marked by the infectologist by using antibiotics and analgesics.

To prevent the disease becoming worse, look at some of the tips from dentist Bruno Randi to enjoy summer without risk:

I do not drink water through the bags so I do not have to go to the restaurant. Is that harmful?

There is. It is very important to maintain and urinate at least four times a day for both the prevention and reduction of the marks. Caring for hygiene in the genital range is also a? help you to prevent gases.

There is not always a toilet paper in the chemical house, how clean does not make a difference, right?

There is. In a woman's case, interesting hygiene is essential: when you are cleaning, always use the toilet paper from the barrel to the yarn, it will not be the other. Only the use of toilet paper is sufficiently sure. For people who have been abducted after the urination after their illness; help prevent the prevention of blowing from a & # 39; interact with the organ and cause fungal diseases. "One of the things that is to do with moistening roots or a toilet paper in the bag to avoid problems," is the doctor's; praised.

Is an Urinary Conservative Disease in Transit Disease (STI)?

No. The specialist specialists say that this doubt is common in women's cases that were diagnosed with UTI after vaginal or anal sex. "Because there are many bacteria in the cellular and anusus, anxiety may be the risk of the women's urethra transmission system," said the doctor, who identifies a & # 39; subtracted by sex to reduce the risk of UTI.

Can blood disease come back stronger if it is not handled properly?

There is. Some patients are not remedied to the border and at the age of their patients; Ultimately, the bacteria are more likely to be a medication and to grow so heavyly as it is; case. In patients with epilepsy diseases, illness may not be the only cause of cure. Some worst cases can be caused by urinary calculi, unusual differences of the urogenital method, or even being a warning for tunnels. So, continuing a significant medical continuum.

I always get urine disease. Is there anything that can be done?

There is. Renewable case case disease is defined as three pieces in the last 12 months or two programs in 6 months. People with this specialist situation should ask for some practical steps to be identified to reduce the risk of UTI.

Advising: 9th July Hospital

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