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The BALL – Guardiola and Bernardo Silva: "Give me respect" (Manchester City)

Manchester City Pepe Guardiola's coach did not hide its appreciation of the value of Bernardo Silva and believes that international Portuguese is a key example for the other players, as he never gave up. He is now a leading figure in the team's scheme. team

“As a coach it is almost impossible to be more satisfied with Bernardo Silva. That's why he deserves to play every minute he has been. It is a good example to other players. I hadn't forgotten the behavior he had on the last quarter when he didn't play at the beginning. The last season had already been said that he didn't know what was going on in the future, but he was going to stay in Manchester City. He is a wonderful and good player who knows when he will bet on one against one and see that the conflict is not stable. It is someone who is able to make three different situations. He deserves my respect and the number at the end of the game finally shows that the player had run mostly in the game. He always makes 12 or 13 kilometers out of the game.

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