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The expansion of Huawei is over Apple and Samsung eclipses

China's largest satellite phone market is living in China. There, Huawei does not have a better device than their Android smart phones, even Samsung, the global leader. Now, by crossing the data from different market analysis agencies, we will see a regular pattern. His advantage over Apple is a increasing and Samsung is very small in this market.

Thanks to the data of the Canalys, Counterpoint and IDC groups, all to look at its & # 39; This market is a concept of Huawei's performance. The logo is validated, despite its & # 39; controversy in the United States in America, successes are due to realities as well as real turism.

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How the port means TheVerge, based on the report Financial Times, all controversies around Huawei have helped with their brand to grow. What is apparent in the reports of the market analysts mentioned above.

China is popular with Huawei's smartphones

In describing China's concrete case, there was a great deal of reputation; like the brand. Here, thank the citizen's natural spirit, Huawei's search was not so obvious. O Times also identifying a 33% growth in the smartphone smartphone objectives.

At the same time, the offers from Apple and Samsung's initiatives have not been deservedly recommended. The same source also indicates that Meng Wanzhou, Huawei's chief finance officer, has been arrested on the profile of his / her. signal. For many users, the defense campaign ended up connecting China around its " telephone teller.

smart phones Samsung Apple USA China Huawei 5G Donald Trump

This natural fool has helped the brand grow in the year 2018. However, it is not a special thing; for China, much less than a satellite phone market. Amongst these, there will certainly be a good number of users who, for example, want a pair of shoes made in Portugal. No car of German occupation, for example paradigmatic.

Smart Apple's favorite phones prefer to be

For the same reason, American consumers usually prefer Apple's smart phones, although they are built in China. Indeed, it is difficult to find smartphones that do not have their equipment done in that country, at least.

Despite this, not only is the success of the Chinese producer due to the very busy weather. This maker has grown steadily in the last few years, so that he has spent other makers, including Samsung has been managing a & # 39; cell phone market already in China.

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At the same time, Huawei completed the Samsung and Apple duel for global market leadership in July last year. Since then, there was a debate between the South Korean technology and its Chinese rivalry. The move has remained at this time.

Samsung and Apple come to a weak position in China

In her home market, Huawei has grown significantly at the cost of Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung and other competitors. Users have been integrated around this brand and have accepted their offers with a good price / quality ratio.

Indeed, unincorporated motif in China has oppose a growing and growing national market. Which impacted not only on Samsung as well as Apple. The South American furniture maker sent this move into one of its latest fiscal reports. Apple, also through Tim Cook's reports.

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Above, the data from Counterpoint shows us the magnificent Samsung situation in its & # 39; mobile phone market in China. With around 1% of the 2018 market department, a southern choir executive fell 67% from its position in 2017. At the same time Apple ran up its 10% market share, although its sales number has fallen by around 12%.

Still, nothing is perfect for Huawei

Despite its uncertain leadership in China, there are still several challenges for its & # 39; this brand. Starting by identifying its & # 39; brand, especially in a high seat of society and, as a result, market. Huawei is not a classic flag of Apple.

Although their sales are very large, these numbers are the result of their co-operation efforts, Honor. So, the lion department of his sales comes from midfielder smartphones. Here plus the cheapest deals.

Android phones Apple Huawei Samsung China

The manufacturer now needs to express itself as a flexible brand. If this happens you want to collaborate with each other, enter a point, with the best offers in Samsung as well as Apple. However, a Chinese maker has a lot of knowledge and a very loyal market.

After that, in 2019 we have new luxury offers. Integrated phones that integrate the P30 range, not to mention the promising smartphone that is displayed; return to this company. This will help this brand to verify that not only is the person who; The biggest selling of smartphones, but also a brand awesomeSouth Westerly

However, Huawei is still committed to Samsung over the end of 2020. In my opinion, 2019 may even be a # 39; s more advanced for this brand? And fulfills its ambition goal before the end of next year?

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