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The issue will start in financial services and payments

SIBS is already launching the new install platform for financial services and payments. We call it the SIBS Market API, which is the first national Open API platform that will host it, It collects 18 financial advocacy units and will provide an increase in the payments system and financial services system and also to comply with the Pay Services (PSD2) regulations.

Portugal is the first country in Europe to find a specific API infrastructure to reach 95% of bank accounts, and # 39; achieving the Performance of the Pay Service (PSD2).

From now on, in a sandbox environment, any PSP can test the links to the infrastructure and the Portuguese APIs set out by PSD2 guidance, from:

  • 1) Balance consultation and movement
  • 2) Taking Up Payments
  • 3) Consultation available on funding.

The reach of the platform expects the dates to be in the legislation and has been made possible by a & # 39; participating in 18 commentary units in Portugal that have already linked to the infrastructure.

The SIBS Market has three distinctive features of API that differ among its European cohesion:

  • 1) based on one status
  • 2) is available through one connection a technology platform with the highest levels of availability and sustainability.
  • 3) is assisted by a special and specialist team to provide full support to access and use its & infrastructure.

The SIBS Open API platform provides the opportunity to develop innovative and innovative value-added business models, and & # 39; developing the context led by the new Pay Services (PSD2) Guidelines and continuing today's highly active and advanced pay market developments. competitors.

The stage will also be hub of beginners and supporters who wish to cooperate with existing financial agencies, who have APIs available, and offers new solutions and solutions in the national market, and the units with the new principle of services and collaboration, expecting their own API to be published.

So, SIBS will begin a new cycle in the history of a national payroll system, and # 39; currently marked with a more modern, advanced and advanced image display that displays DNA and SIBS values: excellence in excellence, The confidence and energyturnedSouth Westerly


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