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It is a Greek word in Hermeneutics and it is & # 39; means art or interpretation and text or conversation definition. The Nursery in Campanhã, was awarded to a private person for 30 years, plus 40 million euros that was introduced into the state's coffins, was captured in a fascinating folder between Oporto Town Council and the Staff Court, Inspector (ToC), which should be clarified to understand the understanding and impact of this decision.

In a simplest way, it is said that Oporto Town Council is to submit to a & # 39; ToC justice and suitability budget contract for the revival of the Furniture House, which generates expenditure or expires; representing the Chamber's financial liabilities.

The relevance of the investigation is to equity, if there is a special nature of its & # 39; contract, one set of laws, if there is another. The Chamber says that the contract has a special nature, the ToC says that it is another, in the # 39; In the middle, three requests for clarification were answered by the Chamber, but this did not change the interpretation on the TdC.

On the other hand, according to the analysis of the budget that is appropriate, as the TdC does; Referring again, analyzes the risk of contractuality, and there is a danger for state state coffins. In the requests for clarification, the TDC made a number of recommendations to the Chamber, and all were accepted, and as a result of the danger that the contract would only be for the private winner of the offer. It was not enough for ToC.

Throughout his judgment, the TOR recites that he does not; make judgments about the relevance or settlement of the contracting decision or the organizational model taken. It is not true and the whole decision is a judgment on that. An undisputed footnote on page 108 of the judgment reflects the ideological tendency behind his / her; decision: "it does not make sense, for example, to consider the use of self-occupied places for public interest purposes; respond to the loss of income. Paramats that are disabled, a & # 39; emphasizing that the model that can be suited, if possible, (…)"TdC accepts that it is not the same as the organizational model taken or the fact that a private person can pay 40 million and stay with the Household House, market for 30 years, even though this means saving for taxpayers. For the ToC, a public property must be forever public, and it gives them to the public , despite economic stability.

The TdC, a non-elected organization that is deployed in the spirit of separation of powers, hiding ideological orientation behind her; behavioral, in terms of legal prices in terms of its nature, to develop a parochial democracy project; Historically the poorest part of the town of Oporto, with national significance "similar to Expo 98", according to the President of the Republic.

Let's do exercise and return back to 30 years. Let's know that the ToC was abolished to the Expo 98 because it was a & # 39; recognizes that Parque das Nações park needed to manage its park; public only after the show. How many Municipal Stadium in Leiaia could that area be filled?

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