The Spanish media says Ull "is at his legs"

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The most recent media shows have attracted attention in the countryside by side.

Óliver Torres is going to be fantastic, perhaps the best since returning to Porto early in 2016/17. On Tuesday, the Braga face played a very good performance and the play that led to the Brahimi goal – attracting a third of the dragons, especially in Spain.

This Wednesday, in the online magazine, the newspaper As it appears to & # 39; The first page of THE GAME and saying "Óliver's" Portuguese at his feet ". "

"It's going through one of the best times in its position," said the Porto player, who has been unsure and hers. holding large shows, and the last part was Brahimi's great help against Braga in the Portuguese Cup, "which is the documentary of the countryside, which follows:

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