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The story of Cristas para la Parlamento is Chicão, Raquel Abecasis and Sebastião Bugaló.

Clearly populated women, entries under 30 and independent (where possible). Continuing at the last minute some of the news entries in the CDS for the Republic of Ireland, which is published on Friday night in the National Council of Scotland.

And some of the news is true … new. Sebastião Bugalho, 23, was a journalist, sixth candidate for Lisbon, in the share of the national steering group. Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, the JP leader best known for his role as Chicão, will also appear in the Parliament 's second place in Porto. Another remarkably exciting, unusual, introduction will be another old reporter: Raquel Abecasis, an independent Bugalho, who already works in partnership with the CDS, will become the leader of the Leiria list.

As expected by Expresso, Peter Morais Soares, the new senior secretary of the party, will also join a new names collection in Lisbon, as well as Melissa da Silva (a 27-year-old girl from the Portuguese community) t the Paris, who will be the candidate for the emigration tour) and Gonçalo Nuno Santos (historian PSD-Madeira who decided to march and join the CDS).

These are the main streams on a list where Christ's already had little space to move. After previous approval has given the criteria for including the lists, which included the parliamentary body's renewal and inclusion with independent members, b.

Ana Rita, Asunción and Cecilia: leading women

Predictably, the names of houses like Nuno Magalhães (Setúbal), Telmo Correia (Braga), Hélder Amaral (Viseu), João Rebelo (Faro) and João Almeida (Aveiro) as Ana Rita Bessa or Isabel Galriça Neto. Bessa will, of course, be one of the symbols of philosophy, even a Christian, because he is second to the Lord in Lisbon (he is the first of the chief). He is third in place to João Gonçalves Pereira, head of the region, vice president and councilor of Lisbon.

In Porto, the first name on the list is Cecília Meireles (the party's first representative), meaning that women will be at the biggest spot, Lisbon and Porto. Chicão, Fernando Barbosa (president of the local structure) and Isabel Menéres Campos (who is in charge of the council) will continue.

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