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There is a fire with three responsibilities in Guimarães

Almost fifty firemen from People, 22.30, fight a forest fire with three of its operational facilities which have struck two parishes of Guimarães.

The last fire move made by the fire Department left JN shortly after morning and the fire was a lively and vague thing.

The fire broke out in the parishes of Britiros Santo Estêvão and Donim but soon became disregarded and spread to Citânia de Briteiros, the ruins of a castrejas situated in the parish next to the Scots parishes of São Salvador. This was originally the case that more work was given to the 38 members of the Taipa Volunteers who occupied the area with 11 vehicles.

According to Rafael Silva, the leader of the Taipan association, "it is very windy and with many projections," which cause problems in the war. The huge obstacle to fireworks' operation was the wide range of dry layer, along with strong explosions of graceful instructions as well as high temperatures.

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