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Torres Vedras, mayor, accused of plagiarism in university thesis.

Torres Vedras, chief carier Carlos Bernardes (PS), was appointed founder defender to try to provide parts of his theological thesis. The decision was published on Friday on the website of the Office of the Solicitor for the Lisbon District, however, which does not reveal the name of the guardian.

Carlos Bernardes was prosecuted in an artificial process, as it might be explained in the Copyright and Related Rights Code, as a crime that people using "work" , phogogram, videogram or broadcast that is wholly or partly representing a work or other service, published or unpublished, "whether they are copies of a complete work or sections. t

Between September 1, 2014 (with the introduction of the new review body) and December 31, 2018, "The Ministry of Public Administration receives 201 costs for gross crime, the Office of the Solicitor-in-Chief" t These complaints are not limited to academic plagiarism: they also deal with other cases of plagiarism.

In terms of the factor, he was "marked enough for the defender, in September 2015, with a view to receiving, in a University of Lisbon, a degree of academic achievement in the university, a PhD thesis." after the public have given their protection to the individual jury, where it has been agreed, "reading the note from the constituency representative's office in Lisbon."

However, the court finds evidence that the thesis has been produced in accordance with "previously published or published texts and other authors", and the chief executive has only introduced "minor changes" in what others have written: changes to the spelling agreement, the introduction of words, "replacing verbs, changing word order and removing parts of the original texts". All of this was protected against the University of Lisbon's Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT) as “themselves. [do arguido] and dedicated labor. "

Linked to PÚBLICO, 39; unmarked solicitor Carlos Bernardes that his chief and legal team only carried out a decision to administer the university's working race: "The process has started an administrative court that aims to pull the university's decision. "

"Nothing in this work should mean self-sufficient order," said the lawyer, who is equal to the request of the case-study, to request a pre-trial period at the end being studied. whether the case has been proved or not. The lawyer, Fernando Application, thinks they were political opponents to the lord to get the process started.

Also, PHOBLICO, speaking to Carlos Bernardes is sending all his answers to his solicitor and will write no further comments.

Since 2017 this thesis is being examined by the Public Ministry. The warning was issued in a comment piece published in the local newspaper Badaladas, on 20 January of that year, signed by an old councilor Jorge Ralha (also a socialist).

At the time, in Public announcements, Carlos Bernardes acknowledged that some of the authors had been disputed by their failure, but refused it as plagiarism. "The academic work that helped me to develop a set of searches on the subject under investigation and corrected it by its achievements," he said in 2017.

Shortly after the opening of the inspection, Lucinda Fonseca's Director of the Lost Lucidda Fonseca confirmed that “complete errors in the formation of some of the sources” were found. "While we consider that the parts of this thesis not being specified, which present a text without reference or limitation, represent a significant and important part of the thesis, or we believe it is, we believe that it does not constitute a significant element. T evidence to open the search ", explained the IGOT director.

Carlos Bernardes, from 2015, is a Tourism doctor, having defended these theses. Torres Vedras lines: a strategic tourist destination for Portugal. Since 2003, he has held offices at Torres Vedras Town Council: first as a councilor, and then as vice-president, between 2005 and 2015. From December 2015 he has been Mayor t at Torres Vedras.

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