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Tourism has a impact on more than 40 billion this year – Tourism and Recreation

The tourism and travel department outlined one of five pounds of the wealth created in Portugal last year, for a total of 38.4 billion euros, according to a World Travel and Tourism council survey (see below). T WTTC) published last year. Monday. And this year it should go over its 40 billion euro mark.

These figures include the direct, indirect and induced impacts of the sector on the economy. So, the perceived impact is just 14.3 billion euro last year, which is expected to reach 15 billion this year. T

In indirect effects the WTTC includes an investment in the sector, such as buying airplanes or building hotels. The mobile impact statement of staff costs that is directly and indirectly related to the department.

According to the report, the region grew by 8.1% last year, the highest of any of the EU countries, where the average figure was 3.1%, and one of the highest nations in the t European country.

The total estimate of tourism and travel to the nation's economic activity was 19.1%. Furthermore, the sector makes up for 1.05 million jobs in Portugal, which represents 21.8% of the country's total.

And it is a good idea for the year, said the WTTC. It is anticipated that 5.3% will have a sector growth, which would add the wealth to around 40.4 billion euros, more than double the estimated EU average of 2.5%. . For works directly and indirectly linked to the region, the forecast is 1.2 million.

WTTC president and Gloria Guevara said in the report that growth in Portugal is expected to continue in 2019. Portugal has the potential to expand the economic extent of tourism and other travel by tourism. increasing the tourism sector. industry. "

"Today, business travelers make only 15% of their costs in Portugal compared to a European average of 21%," he says.

In the long term, WTTC estimates that in 2029 the total grant in the region is up to 51.2 billion billion, with the direct impact at that year of 18.9 billion. On that day, the department's grant is estimated to be 1.24 million work, of which 464 miles are direct.

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