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After amazement by opening up & # 39; to other manufacturers, under license, a MEB platform (which was specially developed for electric vehicles), Volkswagen is again anecdotes in the field of electricity, announcing that it is built and its & # 39; Powers installation. Tesla at over a hundred hiring stations that make up an American American Electrify network.

According to Electrify America, Tesla Power will be collected last year. Thanks to these batteries, it is possible to store up to 350 kWh and deliver up to 210 kW, which means the Volkswagen network will "keep up" multiple applications for the construction of electric vehicles at the same time – the altars called.

In addition to "selling", what interest is there? at Tesla in making its technology for competitors? Indeed, the marketing of an American company will be grateful, as it is a big campaign that one of the largest car businesses in the world is a " choosing brand technology that some years ago said it would be about its failure. Generally, Electrify America's Head, Giovanni Palazzo, who proves the option for Tesla Powerspacks "is the result of the global knowledge of the development of solutions for the storage of battery power and electric vehicles cut. "

American Electrify aims to have a network of almost 3,000 broadcasters on the North American land by the middle of 2019. But so far, there are only 89 tax stations running. It is remembered that Volkswagen was introduced to the BMW, Daimler and Ford in Europe to implement the Ionity network, with high power devices (350 kW). In Portugal and Spain, Cepsa was responsible for including these bush points (about one hundred) at its service stations, and it was announced that they would be working at the beginning of the year here.

In addition, Volkswagen is developing mobile stations for the removal of electric vehicles, which has initially begun, even though it does not come forward to its location. market before it comes to 2020.

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