We can already use the JUMP Uber hydro-electric bicycle in Lisbon

In our cities, people's transportation is changing dramatically. We left the cars and we choose bicycles and scores.

Today's Uber spoke that JUMP's bicycle is launched – with a double-system in Lisbon available 24 hours a day. The main Portuguese city is the first European city to get the available product with 750 bicycles and its bicycles. offers 90% coverage of the town.

Uber Jump Lisboa electric bicycle

JUMP electric bicycles enable Lisbon to become an easy-to-use town for long-term cycling & as it is pedalized. With the "dockless" system, the user can travel through the city of Lisbon and park the bicycle at the end of each trip in the areas of bicycle parking allowed in the town, with the "true green" truth.

Uber celebrates this e-bicycle event in Lisbon with 10 days of free travel to experience this product (2 times maximum, up to 20 minutes) and will give up helmets in shelter to encourage safety among users. In the Portuguese city, it is possible to make a trip, make a meal and now make electric bikes by using Uber.

Uber Jump Lisboa electric bicycle

The JUMP expansion in Lisbon is to confirm the Uber's commitment to offer different mobility options, and make sure that there are safe and economic choices for the first and last trip of the trip.

During the event, its company will organize safety shows and they will, offers free helmets to alert users to travel safely on the JUMP bike.

What's in JUMP?

In 2017, JUMP launched its first dockless electronic circuitry system in the US. Founded by Ryan Rzepecki, JUMP has been describing the future to move a shared bike from 2010, when they created social bicycles, The first bicycle circuit breaker system and the first clerical bicycles to show integrated GPS, pay and lock technology.

JUMP bikes were carefully designed by the interior design and engineering teams to provide a safe but convenient way for users and residents. The bikes are currently structured and designed by high quality and permanent components.

Uber Jump Lisboa electric bicycle

Main features of its bike

100% electricity: Each JUMP bicycle offers an e-help (electric support), which allows you to travel at a distance of up to 25km / h. When the user is pedalized, he is raising the hill of Liospona without use.

Lock Integrated: JUMP bicycle locks need to lock into urban furniture (already existing or created specifically for this purpose) or in the areas designated for that parking, at the end of each trip. Focusing on the safety of everyone, this system also eliminates ideas that can damage the responsible and orderly use of the public place.

Hope: Through existing components and maintenance record required, JUMP bikes were designed to maintain urban uptake.

Uber Jump Lisboa electric bicycle

JUMP in Lisbon

  • Bicycle size: around 750.
  • Service range: 90% cover of the city of Lisbon
  • Operational hours: 24 hours per day.
  • Cost of use: 0.15 minutes of € € without disposal cost.

Uber launches a bicycle launch in Lisbon with the offer of 10 days of free travel for this product (2 times maximum, up to 20 minutes) and is has planned a number of activities in the city of Lisbon with free helmets spreading to encourage safety among users.

How to travel with a JUMP bike

Step 1 – Find a bike: Open the Uber application and select the Pedaling option. Then select a bike to lock a solution nearby.

Step 2 – A bike selection: Go to a & # 39; selected bike, enter the unlocked PIN that is available in the application, and then drag and save the lock. Having examined the safety situation of the brakes and the strict weight, you can start traveling.

Step 3 – Explore Lisbon: climbing hills, hillock and hill; descending, pedaling through the town. The engine provides the help needed by users long & they are pedalized, a & # 39; eliminating any problem to climb the slopes We recommend you travel on bicycle trails at home, and # 39; use helmet for your safety. After the trip, a field within the JUMP range shown in the application map. Use the green system to complete the trip.

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