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What does the SpaceX to Mars cost? Elon Musk has already appeared

The idea of ​​Elon Musk for SpaceX and its spatial research is very clear. Your goal is Mars, where you want to create a colony and try to make the planet a & # 39; live.

This also needs to be volunteers and tourists. The latter must pay for the trip, at a price that has now been shown. Elon Musk has already announced a trip to Mars with SpaceX.

Mars SpaceX travel price Elon Musk

It is still too early to find out how SpaceX will contribute to Elon Musk's plans. There is not much more known outside of the plans that are going on for the development of the rocket that gives people to the red planet.

What's on a trip to Mars with SpaceX

However, there is an idea of ​​going forward with more intense. Above, a number of people want to find out what the price they pay to get a place on the journey that visitors will bring into the future.

Now, SpaceX's strong man has just shown what everyone wants to find out. Elon Musk, responding to it tweet, this trip will cost less than $ 500,000. This is likely to be even lower. Interestingly, the trip back is free.

It will depend on the proportion of passengers Shipbase behaviors, and & # 39; It may be less than a value of almost 100 thousand dollars. It is so low that anyone can sell their home on Earth and move to Mars.

It's too early to start thinking about Elon Musk's plans.

It is still several years before the first steps are on Mars, but Elon Musk is already preparing. Their first mission may even have major problems, and # 39; It's still alive, but an essential step.

In short, this is a low cost to be paid in one of the most important times of humanity. Elon Musk is definitely present, and he wants with many people to travel through the solar system.

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