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The second half week of February, the world's largest mobile technology market festival, began to bomb out to Brazil's users: DL has confirmed it's taking Xiaomi back into the country. After Pocophone F1 was confirmed, the company also had a reminder of Remdi Note 6 Pro to market.

TudoCelular spoke to Luciano Neto, the DL product manager and my supporter, to learn more about this partnership, amazingly, bringing Xiaomi back into the country. Better understand how the arrangement has been held and what its company has to do; promised Brazilians in the coming months.

We talk about changing goods for a Brazilian market, a concert with a 28 (4G band in the 700MHz blockage), priced prices, where Brazilians can find and more. Just go down to see the full interview. Remember that the tools are the tools Come to the shelves that are coming next weekSouth Westerly

DL is distributing Xiaomi in Brazil; Little F1 and Redmi Note 6 Pro are released

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18 February

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18 February

DL has cooperated with Xiaomi to officially take Chinese company materials to Brazil. How was this connection between the two companies, on the last side left?

He does not have his first step. It looks like a couple of lovers, a boy looked at a girl, and went the same way, he was the same time. So it is our interest to offer the Xiaomi quality results here in the country, and from Xiaomi to take advantage of the market that is going on. extended. I say who was at the same time.

Will DL become an official producer of Xiaomi in the national country, or is it just an agreement on the retailers?

We are the only official representative of Xiaomi. Not just our customers, we are Xiaomi's official partners in the country.

The results come from China. Does any DL make any changes, whether it's a software or a flight, such as a headset?

There is. We will do it as appropriately & # 39; What are the chargers … Of course, how convenient is the output to our extent from the charger to the & # 39; software, such as releasing some of its responsibilities, in recognition of the face, some models are not distributed here for Brazil, and we will begin to distribute it.

A pocophone, for example, does not support the 4G group of 4G, as often as 700 MHz. Can customers expect to change hardware to make inconsistencies?

In this first moment, no.

And besides word-solving, can any other software changes you could build?

I still have no secure information about this to get through now. For now, I can only tell you, of course.

Some carriers already sell them; Phocophone for less than 2,000 reais here. Is DL expected to take these audiences or aimed at competing with other national makers?

We offer the best result on its cost, but today, this market will say that you are in Brazil working differently. We will work the best way, by costing this to Brazil, the taxes, the logs, or the activity and everything you know. What we are doing, in our hands, is the smallest cycle that can be used to work this distribution. Prices are still ratified or terminated by retailers, but it is aware that the product that proceeds through a proper tax burden process is a differential price difference that has not been produced; going through this process. Including unexplained results. We have proven results, which are going through this & # 39; Brazil costs and we know that there will be a change in price. However, the price is still proven by retailers.

The partnership also includes retailers here in Brazil. Does a DL plan to install Xiaomi material on corporate store shelves, or do it? Try to represent a Chinese strategy to focus only on-line?

In fact, this is the following: a simple partnership between DL and Xiaomi happened. And DL, through another partnership, started through Ricardo Eletro and Machinery. But we do not restrict it to the # 39; partnership. DL is distributed here in Brazil, and we can also work with other retailers.

The sale will already begin in the corporate source of Ricardo Eletro. And also online, but the first focus on corporate sources.

In addition to smart phones, does the partnership provide for other types of vendors to sell in the future?

At this time, I can only test you smartphones. What we have today is a process for bringing these materials here, with correct correction, Provides all national support and commitments, and in particular to present an official channel here for Brazil fans.

In the future, do you expect to introduce Xiaomi devices again, or will you only focus on existing products for a few months?

It is possible, but nothing has been decided about it yet. We believe Brazilian deserves to receive new products from Xiaomi.

The DL is famous for low electronic sales, and there is already some reluctance of the public with its; brand. How do you plan to work to prevent this from affecting the sale of Xiaomi materials?

Initially, all products are fully sequenced on all Xiaomi processes. Indeed, in order to make such a partnership, a number of requirements must be met, most of its quality. We are especially delivering the same level as well as a user, a game that I can, anywhere in the world. We 'll support after sale with real parts. We sell Xiaomi products worldwide, which was brought out by Xiaomi, Provides training support with the real parts here in the country.

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18 February

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18 February

How are the other DL lines? Is Xiaomi the whole focus or can not expect new mobile sites from the brand itself?

The entire DL work continues. We will not turn off the accelerator. All the work, both smartphones and recordings, as part of the smart devices, is all other aspects of DL, there are a number of receptions planned for the next few weeks , and we still have the partnership with Xiaomi.

Is there a message for TodoCelular readers, who initially agreed the agreement chapters, what they can expect to & # 39; partnership between DL and Xiaomi?

I, as a follower, is very pleased to see the materials that come on the shelves, and we have good working practices. We will work with resolutions over 4/64 GB, which are more intermediate than higher. And I'm very enjoyable about taking Xiaomi via an official channel, and handy-handy handy, and you can use it for years. And we are working hard to launch these products as soon as possible.

(updated 18 February, 2019, at 5:22 p.m.)

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