You can now customize the activities in the Gmail apps for iOS

The Gmail app is now one of the most widely used mobile devices. This app has been up to a number of features, but Google had been "accused" that it did not have a single innovation speed in the app for Android and iOS.

The iOS version has recently gained the potential for users to mobilize action. Don't see it working.

You can now customize the activities in the Gmail apps for iOS

If Outlook was almost a few years ago as an email management tool, today it is not quite like that. Given the changes in web technologies, the online platforms were getting better resources to ensure best practice.

For those who use the Gmail app on iOS, note that it is now allowing users to move to practice. To resolve the issues just click on Definitions > Time-consuming activities with your keyboard.

As you can see, the situation is very simple. You only have to select the action you want to move to left or right.

See how it works

As well as using actions to sort your message quickly, you can also use the same activities to sort out the messages.

For example, if you typically send email forward, just click on Gmail on iOS, and click Delete to enter date and time the email message arrives. -d was selected. If you use the Gmail app, update now.

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