You do not believe this saying from Rita Pereira


Rita Pereira Producing the show she will perform at the forthcoming "Dance with the Stars" festival, going on the sky Sunday, 10th. This time, her actress will dance next Tiago Careto, who one of his best friends is. It seems that the rigorous instructions and its instructions are & # 39; actress and TVI producer to make new stunts. This is the impact of Rita due to one of those times, which was not the case; can not avoid great cry. The fear was recorded and shared on social networks.

Watch the video!

Although still in social networks, Rita Pereira was very tall to share the final stage with Tiago Careto:

"I was able to prove one of the best people in the world to dance with me on Sunday. One of the best things in Portugal is in dance art and I am I do the best to get to the heels, but if it wants to open the best dance floor in the country, we have to give it all! "

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