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Your microSD 1TB memory card arrived for your phone

The MWC19 is still a platform for all information and displays. Now, let's know the first microSD 1TB memory card for your phone. Are you interested? Come and see the new product from Micron and SanDisk, a company with Western Digital.

The news comes soon after Samsung has introduced Galaxy S10 + with 1TB.

microSD SanDisk 1TB smartphone card

Although a cardboard can produce a slow class class on your mobile phone, a speedy card that is read and write is very similar. So it's natural supposition that we get to know one of Micron's new offers as well as SanDisk.

We have a 1TB memorial already

Initially, Samsung has been sent to & # 39; The first stormy storage solution with 1TB and it marked the model by the end of 2018. However, we are already in the most expensive version of the new S10 + series.

However, for other users and smart phones, a solution is now available. Of course, two. We have a SanDisk microDD memory card here, as well as the Micron option. In both cases, its storage value is about 1024 Gbs, thus making 1 TB.

microSD SanDisk 1TB smartphone card

So here we have an unprecedented store value. In both cases, there is plenty of space for the storage of a large amount of files, music and all types of files, it seems that everyone has a microSD memory card.

1TB to store on & # 39; your phone

This builds its & # 39; question – which cards are the best? The response arises when we compare the pace of reading and writing from one side to one another. So, the benefit of its position is on its & # 39; Digital Digital memory card with SanDisk content first, read distance.

This microSD card says that they can reach a 160 Mbs reading pace, compared to the option of Micron that is capable of confirming 100 mbs. Saying that, we have a huge benefit in the SanDisk product by making faster in accessibility (reading) to store.

Below, we can see in detail the printing process of these cards.

Also, on the other hand, Micron's output is faster in writing distance when they reach 95 Mbs. Although the SanDisk microSD card reaches 90 Mbs. Saying that, we have a 5 Mbs benefit for writing writing cartographs.

It is still visible that the motto is now beginning to start; offers smart phones that support cards with such a capacity.

Price and accessibility

However, the price of the two things is prohibited. The SanDisk microSD will be added to its market in April at a price of $ 449, at € 396 at the current exchange rate. The same brand is already marketing a microSD card of 512 GB (half terabyte) for $ 199 or € 175.

At the same time, Micron is still not on the sales price of his product, and ensuring that there is no competitive value, and # 39; reaches the second quarter of 2019.

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