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The Northern National District Tax Bureau of the Ministry of Finance stated that some people wanted to ask that his son would going to be married at the end of the year, and wanted to give his son a marriage funding. How do you donate a donation fee?

According to the Legible Taxation, the total amount of money given by a parent does not expose when his child is married more than 1 million yuan, and may not have been included in the gift fee whole.

The officer reported that there is a tax share of 2.2 million yuan per parent per annum. After and after the married child, he can also give 1 million yuan of the possession of the married child, and the tax freedom is free.

The officer stated that the child's marriage registration would be in addition to the child's marriage payment, within 6 months before and before the marriage registration, in addition to the gift certificate, the donor and the identifier's identity documents. Home registration information.

For example, Xiao Ming's son married this year. If Xiao Ming had other gifts a year, his son's possession of 3.2 million yuan (gift of marriage and a total gift of 1 million yuan + 2.2 million yuan) could be donated before and after her; marriage, and was totally free from taxes, Xiao Ming The wife also has the same interest, so both can give 6.4 million money to the person and the woman, and do not have to pay a tax . (Liu Yuhui / Taipei Report)

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