Post barailean Italiane February 2019: permanent councilors


Post barailean Italiane February 2019: permanent councilors

Job Posting in February

Among them job offers which is available on the & # 39; stand out what is recommended by Later Italy, which is on his retrieval page to view staff to be able to; hiring. Professional profile who wants? There is a lot about it financial advisors to be taken with them permanent contract, but also apprenticeship training for the younger ones. For each profile, Poste specifies the requirements and actions to be carried out in work. Check out the professional profile involved in the new Poste Italiane appointment and how to apply.

Post barailean Italiane February 2019: experts
mobile councilors

The first set was a & # 39; worrying the investigation mobile advisers experts in the Professional field, with high financial / insurance status.

In the context of Financial Services and to strengthen the sales network, and follow the guidelines on the Delivery Plan 2022, Poste Italiane is a seek professional experience in consulting and writing. selling financial services, insurance materials and funding. Applicants identified by human resource managers are included in the commercial teams of the Provincial Directorates. Their purpose is Ensure sales management and loyalty of sales are the post offices and Developing its assigned client portfolio, to ensure that the targeted budget targets are fulfilled. The situation is open throughout the national country.

Post barailean Italiane February 2019: councilors
financial, essential requirements

Regarding the last professional post, i requirements Here are:

  • Degree in economic / legal / financial areas;
  • Knowledge of the post of at least 2 years
    in the banking / insurance sector in the business sector
    advice and sale of investment services and insurance materials;
  • Information and governance knowledge needed to cost money
    advice on inventories and / or distribution of materials
  • Continue with test by promoter or consultant
  • Consumer orientation, commercial business
    and enterprise, the ability to plan and organize one's own
    activities according to commercial objectives; able to connect to it
    different types of inter-speakers and conversation skills; style of communication
    clear and able to provide and provide accurate information

In addition, the following must also be added professional knowledge:

  • Knowledge of markets and instruments
    finance, finance, insurance and funding / services;
  • Consumer portability with even bigger ones
    at least 3 million euros.

Selected candidates will be contracted
really and also has variable incentives based on it
achieving the designated commercial objectives.

Post barailean Italiane February 2019: young councilors

The second professional profile that is being asked to respond
Young graduates for financial and commercial consultation, this time
in the youth profile.

Indeed, Poste Italiane wants young graduates in economic subjects to initiate the consultation work on financial supplies and insurance issued by Jobs. Also in this case the search is valid across the national country. Below i essential requirements:

  • Masters Degree in Economic Discipline (Economics and Business, Business Economics, Economic Institutions and Financial Markets, Banking and Insurance Sciences, Financial Assistance Economics and Statistical Sciences).
  • A final vote was essential or not more than 102/110.

They also need them too commercial skills and strong customer managementas well as one Excellent knowledge of office equipment tools.

The selected young candidates will have a The maximum of 36 months is a pre-school apprenticeship course.



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