Post-holidays: 17 customs that help you to lose weight – 03/01/2019


Post-party dependence is a great incentive to start, or not; restore, the forgotten diet. But for losing movies, it's not enough to count calories, eliminate bats and avoid sweets. It is much more efficient, and cheaper, if there is a change of custom with the plan.

They are small tasks, easy to apply in everyday life and make the road much easier. We explain some of them.

First asked me

One of them, for example, is the first one who complies when they go to a restaurant with a group of people. Maybe he's foolish, but not. Surveys have been carried out and the decision is that we are likely to want the same as others, because we want to report our fellow partner. If someone has the same needs, there is no problem, but if this is not, you eat more than a bill. It's even better if you have a few hours before viewing the Internet appendix and decide what you are doing; going to choose.

I was eating healthy protein, strawberries and fat

But let's start at the beginning. The first thing you need to consider is the eating diet that contains the proteins, threads and healthy science is essential. There are three macronutrients that are dilapidated, which makes the most of what is taken, that has been much longer and avoiding eating more than is necessary.

Cook at home

One of the basic elements that experts have on the proposal is one of them doing the job to do the job; lose weight. At least half of what is to be spent should be taken with food. Among other things, because food and snacks are more calories and salt. According to some researchers, we can allow us to release dopamine, a hormone that creates dysfunction.

At New York's Johns Hopkins Hospital they came to the conclusion that eating in restaurants has come to her; mean eating an average of 200 heat more than you have at home.

Fewer delivery, more kitchen in the home.

Fewer delivery, more kitchen in the home.

Dinner, before nine

Whether it is at home or abroad, it is recommended not to; laughter after 9. Not because of that the metabolism is slowing down as it is & # 39; Believing really, although the truth is that those who eat more weight is larger than those who do earlier

The reason is that more time is going over & # 39; Larger food is larger and larger and tends to eat the first thing in the compressor or buy it on the road. Illusions are often heated, with a high degree of sugar and cholesterol. In addition, they tend to be a food that does not sleep.

Start with salad

Try to start with salad. In addition to completing its & # 39; stomach, it can help to maintain glucose levels in the stable.

But take care of the sauces, always from each other. Not the only thing to do & # 39; pour splashes of olive oil and vitamin. So you need to make sure that they do not already have a mixed mode on its & # 39; a plate, which allows you to save less than 300 calories. But not about avoiding clothes. The fat helps to & # 39; body containing embossed gray feed, is essential for working properly. If there is another food that needs a zous, serve as little as possible.

First, salad.

First, salad.

Design your menus

So, you'll avoid & # 39; The first thing you find when you get home from work. You are too tired for cooking and the most easy to order piotas or to remove something from the freezer, which is at least a thousand thousand calories to a & # 39; your food. The mystery is to prepare healthy food in advance or cooked.

Vacuum presses

One of the most difficult things is to avoid disturbance when you want to lose weight. This is an effective way to do this to hide & # 39; cupboard. It is essential that you make any food or drink from your home that does not help you lose weight. And then, do not replace them, indeed.

If you have soft drinks, grin or biscuits at home, I'm sure you eat them faster or later.

Disruption of everything that threatens a healthy diet from the press.

Disruption of everything that threatens a healthy diet from the press.

Skipping of healthy things to scratch

On the other hand, what you need is a good supply of healthy things to taste. Cut vegetables and leave them on the preparations in the inventor to combine them with humus, for example; I had new nuts and fruits always available. Also, something with you will take you when you go home for a few hours, as well as water.

Create food desserts

Creating food desserts & # 39; Helps to affect diet and it is shown that those who are infected with diet. living in an uncontrolled environment is more likely to suffer. This will happen when you are going to. Traveling really for work, for example, or your children will do a lot of extra schools at different times.

As in these cases, it is difficult to carry out daily planning, the experts are experiencing a " Set up a fantastic suggestion, such as hourly searching for a & # 39; board and not accessible to the TV. If you work at work, it does it in a square instead of being in the office as a healthiest option. TV addresses classics of bad practices or listening to music at a meal.

According to some studies, much more will be eaten when attention is focused on other things and not eating. It is likely that keeping your mind can be a little hindering things that the brain can do; Give you so you know you were enough.

It is also impossible to eat long while you are standing or lying; walk. Experts say that an additional 30% is swallowing than you are sitting at the table. They suggest that the reason is that, independently, that the fact that the diet is assumed that the diet that is taken is not more than a peck, and as a result then the next thing will become more common than usual.

Leave the shoot after each bite

Let's wait at their table. In addition to focusing on & # 39; bite and punctuate in detail, use himself to simple action to & # 39; leaving his pocket beside his & # 39; plate after each bite. The stomach takes about 20 minutes to communicate with the brain that it is full and that is one of the reasons why waste food is so damaging. Not only because of the calories and the other things, but also because it is difficult for the group to discover that there is already enough.

So it's hard to focus and get it easy. And if you decide someone, I still stopped talking.

Do not drink incentives

What we are doing is not the same as we need to control when we want to lose weight. You have to avoid avoiding inconvenience, and that will be for soda and tea on its package. It is the problem that they do not. Get ridicule and healthy fat, two nutrients that have a condition, essential for a & # 39; feeling hungry.

An investigation published in American American of Clinical Nutrition said that the participants needed to drink a lot more (and thus more heat) so that the hunger was removed by drinking what they would eat strong food.

There is a large amount of sugar in regular sodas.

There is a large amount of sugar in regular sodas.

Do not get into the disease of 0 calories

Carrier carriers can be mutually affected. It was reinforced by an analysis published in 2016 in the Cell Metabolism magazine.

The reason is that the organism blends a sweet sugar taste to a & # 39; energy. But as no sweeteners give it, the brain needs the recycling society that will establish it between energy and sweetness. The results of mice experiments decided that they cleaned 30% of calories with artificial sweeteners than when they ate food with natural sweets.

Chew, better than cracking

There are many reasons that disturb a riot and there are experts who have a problem; Believe that both actions are tapping and the sound that it creates is & # 39; help control the lost thing. For example, they think more efficient cracking is to gut when it comes to & # 39; lose weight.

What else they got out is that, with the same number of calories, it is better to take a thick layer of light mirror, because the first one is a? allocated more.

Identify your performances

Our engine is our conclusions and activities in stimulation and it is essential to set our goals to develop confidence and strength to follow a diet that helps to lose weight. Either kilo should be a cause to mark, but the intention is to be & # 39; make up for something that is not tied to food.

There are different options from cultural activities and recreation to sport or learning new things.

Do not eat in bed

It seems to be impossible, but some people eat eating in the bed. In fact And not just for the uncomfortable and uncomfortable it is to be filled with deer and other remains. It's not the bed to watch the TV, just for sleeping. By doing so you will be able to. train your brain to connect to the truth to slide under the sleeping pages, which makes it easier for you to sleep as a child.

Peaceful recovery is one of the gold rules for losing weight.

Get around yourself with people who can help you

There is something that does not depend only on the person, but that's important when one is in a position; Bread diet, to be surrounded by people you understand and support you. It is still better if you share the same goals, as you will feel more empowered and more confident.

It is not easy to be sympathetic to someone who has a diet unless previously done. Nothing is worse than being surrounded by unhealthy food all the time, that's what happens when you have social relationships. This is why it is essential to explain your weight loss plan to your family and friends and ask them to support and encourage you in your goal.

Do not eat to eat

Finally, a question that should be required at first. "Am I very hungry?" We tend to eat for eating. For example, the pochoclo when you go to the films. No at a cocktail or work restaurant, because it's rich and free.

When you are in trouble to get out, stop for a minute and ask yourself if you are hungry. If you're involved, try yourself by drinking a glass of water and waiting for ten minutes. Surely enough, it was found that 60% of the time people respond to thirst by eating instead of drinking.

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