Post is looking for new tasks to Post


Letters are made smaller and smaller and with the luggage the competition becomes more difficult and harder. So a post office has a & # 39; Think of what else they would do to prove their delivery trips. Even the unions think that's good, because that can save jobs.

The post sends a letter from his grandson and his quiz to his & her; cailleach on the third floor. But not all that, it also describes the successful pensioner about the work of a new emergency hour and is set out according to his needs.

Utopia? No, truth in the larger area in Zurich. At the moment he is running a pilot test in which Pöstler is for initial consultation and his / her; Submit emergency calling clips (READING statements). Typically, each second counts on an office delivery journey which, mail, there is no time for conversation or even consultation.

Already on their walks, for example for the Nestlé's great food name, the Pöstlers Müsterli must be rolled out to the post boxes. Not occasionally to deliver food in boxes to households.

Clarify what to make money

Then ask the unions on the # 39; plan, which always fears the employee is broken out. But there's no sign! The Transfair Union is even a & # 39; welcome the idea that Swiss Post is not just a & # 39; look at the business model; already: "We're asking Swiss Post to try new services and clarify what's fit for market," and " explains René Fürst, who is responsible for post business and logistics on request from LOOK.

As a result: "New services can help to get jobs." However, the Transfair's representative restricts that such an industry does not; only makes sense to be used to earn money. And above all: "It is important that the Pöstler will be trained accordingly – and that you get time for those extra services."

Find it, how the Post proves: For a & # 39; the pilot project, the delivery trips were set in such a way that the ten volunteer posts have enough time for their project for consultation.

In France, the post is looking at the relationship

The Syndicom union also receives a Post request, to open a new business, especially good. However, the additional activities should not be placed on staff only: «The fundamental element for us is to be involved in the staff who run such a project . Due to the fact that postcards can not be able to experience their practical knowledge; judge what can be done and what can not be done in the delivery mission, "said Christian Capacoel (40), a speaker for Syndicom.

We may see again such offers in France. There, relatives at the post office can be transcribed for 22 francs good, so that the mail can be posted; visit his grandmother or grandfather once a week, put a stone on her and her / her; Ask about how good older people are. And then tell the family – or if necessary, the nursing service.

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